• SunPower solar system program
  • Dual-paned white-framed vinyl windows with upgraded low-E glass
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • Water-saving fixtures
  • Central heating & air conditioning with night setback thermostat control
  • Insulation: R-15 in walls, R-38 in ceilings
  • Energy efficiency HVAC system
  • Radiant barrier installed on roof sheathing


That’s right! Your new Diversified Pacific home is already set with
solar panels.

By upgrading and integrating your system during the building process, you have the opportunity to begin saving on your electric bills from the first day that your system is energized. Utilizing solar power in your new home can significantly decrease your overall energy cost.

Lower Your
Electric Bill

Save from day one on your utility bills and protect your home against rising utility costs in the years to come.

Get a
Volume Discount

Qualify for discounted pricing discount by leasing or purchasing the solar system at the time of purchase.

Increase the Value
Of Your Home

Having the solar system already included will not only reduce the cost of caring for your home, but will also improve the resale value of your home.

Frequently asked solar system questions

What maintenance is required?

No maintenance is required. The system automatically turns on in the morning and shuts off at night.

How much will I save with a solar system?

That depends on how much energy you produce compared to how much energy you use. Every family uses a different amount of energy. SunPower can help you decide which solar system size will best match your energy needs.

How long will my SunPower system last?

Because they have no moving parts and are made of inert materials, SunPower solar panels are inherently durable and are backed by a 25-year combined power and product warranty.

Will my system work on cloudy days?

Yes, the system will work on cloudy days. There is a chance that it may produce less electricity, depending upon the thickness of the cloud cover.

Will my system work during blackouts?

Since there is a chance that your system could feed electricity in the electric grid, safety requirements prohibit the system from producing electricity during blackouts. The system will restart automatically when power is restored.

How do I know if my system is working properly?

Check for a green light on your inverter during daylight hours, or check the SunPower Performance Monitoring website at sunpowermonitor.com.

Will my solar system produce enough energy to meet all my electricity needs?

Possibly, but solar electric systems do not need to provide all the home’s electricity to be a significant value to homeowners. How much more you will need will depend on how much electricity you consume.

How do I sell my surplus electricity back to the utility company?

At certain hours and on certain days, homes with solar electric systems will often produce more electricity than they consume. Through a “net metering” arrangement with the local utility, your surplus electricity is credited toward your bill.

Does the system store energy?

Energy produced that isn’t needed is stored with the utility like an “energy savings account.” Deposits made during the day can be withdrawn later when energy is needed. This happens automatically.